Best Herpes Dating Site: Positive Singles Review

After getting diagnosed with HSV-2 (Genital Herpes) last year, I panicked.  I didn’t know how the hell I would be able to get a date in the future.  Who would date someone with herpes? Someone with herpes would.  Okay where would I possibly find someone who also had herpes?  Maybe a herpes dating site?  So the first thing I did was Google some herpes dating sites.  I signed up for a bunch of them, but there was really one that stood out from the rest.  Not only did it have significantly more members than the other herpes dating sites, but it had many more filters and search features.  It was also completely free to join.

Herpes Dating Site: Positive Singles Review

I consider to be the single best site for dating with herpes.  When I joined I was a little bit frustrated that this was the “biggest site” for dating with STD’s and I couldn’t send messages.  However, I simply bought a membership here and became a paid member.  Once I became a paid member, I was able to message a ton of people and I got a LOT of responses.  Since most people are not paying members, it’s pretty easy to get people to talk to you.  Simply send a message and the chance someone will reply is pretty damn high.  Not only is it good that people reply, but most are pretty friendly and even if you don’t end up “dating” you can make some new friends or people to talk to about your diagnosis.Positive-Singles

  • Find People with your same type of Herpes – It’s easy to find people with HSV-1, HSV-2, and both HSV-1 and HSV-2.  It says under their profile what “STD” or STD’s that they are living with.  If you have herpes and something else, you can narrow your search down by the exact STD’s that you have.
  • Easy to Use – The site is super easy for most people to figure out.  There is a simple search and a more advanced search that allows you to find people based on specific options.
  • People Actually Reply – When you send a message, people actually reply.  Most people want someone to talk to and if you are fairly likable, you can easily get a date on here.
  • All Types of People – There are people here just like there are at any other dating site.  Some people are looking for casual encounters or sex, while others are looking for long term relationships.  Others are just looking for friendships and people to talk to.  Just like other major dating sites, you get all types of individuals here.  Great variety.

Dating with Herpes can be VERY stressful

Instead of giving up on love and sex after getting diagnosed with herpes, you need to think of your options and consider all possible solutions.  Not only is is pretty easy to meet people on here, but most people are friendly and just looking for a like-minded person to talk to.  It can be tough to cope with something like herpes, so people go into panic mode and assume they are doomed for life.  In reality, you can still date.  You can even date people without herpes and void of all STD’s if you want.  Most people like the fact that Positive Singles helps show only individuals with the same diagnoses as them.  This way dating can be normal and there is no need to worry about breaking the news that you have the dreaded “herpes” virus.

Positive Singles: Membership Options

Create a Free Profile (Only able to receive messages) – You can decide to create a free profile on the site and check things out.  This is the route I took at first, but realized I could look around all day or actually start interacting with people.  I upgraded to a “Gold Member” and haven’t looked back.

Become a Gold Member (Send Unlimited Messages) – If you are are ready to start dating and sending messages to other people in your area.  Obviously most people will want to check the site out before they join, but if you want to get off to the best possible experience, just pay the little bit of money that it costs to become a gold member.

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