Viradux-AU Review: Scam. Claims To Cure Herpes Virus

If you are looking for a cure for herpes, you probably have come across the Viradux-AU product. It claims to take a “multi-faceted approach” to causing the destruction of the virus that is responsible for HSV1 and HSV2. The product is said to work by exploiting a weakness in the virus when it comes out of dormancy to reproduce. The weakness is exploited by the natural “anti-viral compounds” contained within Viradux-AU.  This company even has YouTube material out demonstrating visually how their product works.  The problem with all this is that some people aren’t able to realize that Viradux is a total scam.  It will not cure your gential herpes or cold sores outbreaks.

Viradux-AU Review: It’s a Total Scam

In case you aren’t aware, this product is a total scam. If you were thinking about ordering it because you’re frustrated with your herpes diagnosis, save your money and/or put it towards actual cure research instead. If you order this product, your earnings will be going into the pockets of scammers who have done nothing more than try to take advantage of gullible people that have been diagnoses with herpes and think an actual cure is somewhere “out there.” Trust me, searching on the web for a cure will not find you anything. Hopefully it brings you to this website so that you can read the truth.


Example of how Viradux looks.

It claims to be a solution that contains both herbal extracts and a natural transdermal (through the skin) delivery medium. Developers claim it is manufactured using electrolytic treatment with “rare earth minerals” that allows the medium to be easily incorporated deep inside the cells of the spinal ganglia. The spinal ganglia is the area in which the herpes virus supposedly resides while it is in dormancy.

Viradux Treatment: How It Works

This product is applied to healthy and clean, unbroken skin once per day for 20 weeks. This is pretty laughable. There are similar scam products out there that claim to get rid of birth marks, moles, etc. Really for these skin tags and spots, you need to get them surgically removed. As far as herpes, there is no cure – but these scammers are going the same route by marketing a product geared towards topical application. They say that only a small amount should be used just to “cover infected areas.” The Viradux-AU needs to be applied at daily intervals and apparently if you use “too much” it will create a moist environment to impair treatment.

When applied, they claim that the first treatment may be accompanied by a herpes outbreak. They also claim that the outbreak may occur in an area that it’s never happened before in a process called “auto-inoculation.” They say that the compound will activate the dormant virus through “seroconversion,” which can lead to an outbreak. What a total joke – but very well written and somewhat believable for the average gullible person.

The makers also claim that you should discontinue Viradux-AU until the outbreak has fully run its course. The infected area needs to be fully healed to start back up with the daily topical application of the product. They also claim that a “formal study” has started but there are no results – going on to say “results will not be available for some time.” Their falsified evidence claims that an average of 2.1 treatments are required before the virus is cured. One treatment is defined as a full 20 week treatment session with no outbreaks.

It should also be known that the makers say that the product is highly sensitive to light and exposure to sunlight or UV may affect the treatment process. They ship the product in a UV-resistant container (comical). If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can ship back the “unused portion” for a full refund. They make their money by not actually giving refunds – this is where you get scammed. Or you think it worked – until you have another outbreak.

Viradux-AU: Taking Advantage of People with Herpes

The marketing for this product is so damn good, that lots of people get duped into thinking it’s a legitimate cure. At the moment there is NO legitimate cure for herpes and if there is one, we will be the first to post about it. The marketing for Viradux-AU is so good, that people think it’s a real way to treat the virus and permanently cure it. This company uses promotional websites (like PRWeb) to get the latest news out about their fake product.

They also spam comments sections of various websites with fake people that have claimed to use this product with success. My guess is that some of these people will try to spam this website or pay me off, but it’s certainly not going to work. You should know better that this will not really cure your herpes virus. There is real research being done that will eventually lead to a cure. Stop with the nonsense and show this article to anyone that is considering Viradux-AU as a treatment for their herpes – it’s not going to work.

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  • RamesesII Oct 13, 2014, 7:21 pm

    I’ve never fallen for any of these scams. The hurtful thing about these scammers is they prey on the one thing that we have left. Hope.

    I believe in freedom of the press and all, but there should be a way to ban these con artists from infiltrating the internet and hurting people even more with their false claims.

  • Mary Nordby Sep 25, 2015, 6:21 am

    Thank you for your comments about Viradux-Au. Everyone needs to do their homework on every internet company and their product. It is so important to know if they have a business license, if they are FDA regulated….when they use the word “Cured” who and where the product is produced and packaged. There are no controls if the product is made and packaged in a home environment. Research the company to see if the information about their company is true. If the company advertisement is correct and true. If you are unable to prove any of these things during your research then don’t take the risk of harming your health by using these products. In every thing you buy it is buyer be ware.

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